"Each sculpture begins with a walk in the woods and then listening

for what is seeking to emerge." 

I build art in nature, with nature. It's a co-creative process utilizing forest meditation and connection to source, to create a sculptural representation of the land where it is constructed. In this work, I find,  the true art form is in the process. 


Whether I am harvesting or building, each day begins with a meditation,  intentionally connecting my mind to my heart and my senses to the nature that surrounds me. Through this practice, I am able to quiet my mind in order to "hear" what is seeking to emerge.  I then ask for nature to move into and through my intuition. In this space, I begin the process of creating with nature.


Materials found and used include vines, sticks, bark, stones, antlers, moss, bones and/or anything else calling to be seen.  I prefer to harvest the majority of the elements used wherever I will be building, supplementing as needed, additional supplies from other pieces of property. 

Sculptures have been constructed in Pawling, NY at Growing Heart Farm, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappinger Falls, NY, Tucker, GA for a private residence and at Harmony Farm in Buckhead, GA. 

"The intention of this work is to connect with the

realization, that we are nature."


Stepping into the forest and communicating with nature, opens a channel within.  It connects us to our higher selves and coaxes us into curiosity, which is the gateway to awakening. 


When you quiet the mind and connect with nature (that which you truly are) you align with your highest self.  Through this sacred alignment you can begin to uncover what is seeking to emerge through you and this is where the magick begins. 

My vision is to bring nature sculptures to life in sacred places all around the globe.  My mission is to utilize my skills , passion, and intuition to inspire others to awaken to their true north.