Art of Amy Senn,  Goddess Imagery

"Each piece begins with a walk, in nature."

I create art, with nature. It's a co-creative process that provides the opportunity to engage in a conversation with the natural world. Through this communication, new life springs from the forest floor, giving visual voice to the earth. I believe she is saying "you are nature - see yourself in me." 


Whether I am building in the woods, painting, or taking photographs, it all begins with a meditation, intentionally connecting my mind to my heart and body to my environment. Through this practice, I am able to quiet my mind in order to "hear" what is seeking to emerge.  In this space, the process of co-creation begins. 

My current focus is on creating sculptures representative of the divine feminine and digital nature photography. I am most interested in creating the opportunity to see nature in an unexpected way and enticing the viewer to see their deep connection to the natural world. 


Sculptures have been constructed in Pawling, NY at Growing Heart Farm, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappinger Falls, NY, Harmony Farm in Buckhead, GA and multiple private residences. 

"The intention of this work is to entice the viewer to connect with nature in an unexpected way."


Stepping into the forest opens a channel within.  It connects us to our higher selves and coaxes us into curiosity, which I believe is the gateway to awakening. 


When we quiet our mind and connect with nature (that which we truly are) we align with our highest self.  Through this sacred alignment, we can begin to uncover what is seeking to emerge. This where the magick begins. 

My vision is to bring nature sculptures to life in sacred places all around the globe. 


My mission is to utilize my skills, passion, and intuition to inspire others to awaken to their true north.